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  1. The funny video thread

  2. Do you oppose Senate Bill 13-195? If so, why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey Guns View Post
    The topic of mandatory vs voluntary training comes up from time to time on the forum. We have folks on one side who are "scared" and "feel" the government should be responsible for mandating training standards for concealed carry. We have the other side who thinks government is part of the problem, not the answer.

    To all of you on the "untrained people who carry are scary" side, this is for you (copied from the Legislation and Politics forum):

  3. El Blog del Narco

    I just don't get it.. Mexico = the greatest current threat to the US. I read this stuff all the time and will continue to post worthless comments about the articles I read.


    [QUOTE][B]MORELOS, Mexico (CBS Houston)[/B] — A 13-year-old Mexican drug cartel hitman was found dead along with five other people.
    Univision reports that Jorge Armando Moreno’s ...
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  4. Where do we go from here?

    For too long we have heard the rumors and rumblings of the death of the Constitution. How much must we endure. How many drone strikes on Americans will it take to awaken the beast?

    You can have your computer or phone taken and searched just for being within 100 miles of the border. Where is the justice in that? DHS knows better than you because we are at war! Comply!

    Your phones are already at risk of being hacked. Your speech is already silenced. The press is not truly ...
  5. "Your Car Is An Extension of Your Home" - Why that's not really true

    I'm seeing this more and more on this forum and I think many people really don't understand what it means in Colorado. That is to say, not much.

    This is my understanding from law enforcement experience (I'm obviously not a lawyer so this free information is worth what you paid):

    Yes, you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your car. However, not nearly to the extent you do in your home. A car can legally be searched by an officer in a variety of circumstances, ...
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