Breaking in the new (to me) PTR-91 SC

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I know it's been forever (all summer to be exact) but I haven't forgotten about this thread. I just got bogged down with work and other things that needed to be done. In addition, I haven't bought any more ammo and I didn't want to fire everything I've got and have a really expensive paperweight in a nice case. On the bright side, Hornady finally shipped the free 100 projectiles that I got (for the cost of shipping) for purchasing their .308 die set. I got the set broken in when a friend asked me to load some brass for him, given that he supplied all the parts. With a little barter for the rounds that my rifle didn't like (that I gave to him) plus a little cash, I managed to score 400 primers and a pound of powder (plus whatever is left in his pound after I make 100 for him).
While not specific to breaking in this rifle, I will point out that the best money I spent for reloading for a rifle is a simple hand operated powder trickler and this little gadget from Lyman
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Size:  41.6 KB Thanks to the progressive reloading press I have, I also found a good use for the steel case ammo I was firing... I put a powder charge in one of them, then dump it in the scale at a little below what I want the weight to be, then trickle it home to whatever weight I want. Someday I might upgrade to one of those fancy digital auto trickle deals, but not anytime soon.

I bring up reloading because that's where I stand. A box of 100 of 150gr InterLock SP bullets, just over 75 cleaned and sized .308 cases (which came out much better than expected given the dings in the side), and enough powder to fill them. I just lack the time to fill them lately. Given the performance of the Brown Bear ammo at just under 150Gr I have some high hopes though I would like to try something like the 150Gr SST... unless these work great, then why bother. At least as a fallback I can always buy really cheap steel cased ammo.

Hopefully I'll find some time here soon and get out to figure out how the new ammo is working.
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