Have we lost our Patriotism?

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I felt this really deserved to be a blog too!

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It seems today that I hear more and more stories about our veterans being used and abused. I hear more and more stories about placing a higher value on illegal aliens as the future of our country while kicking our veterans to the curb. The latest budget deal has me seriously questioning whether or not our country has lost its patriotism.

I just spent 1 week in Pearl Harbor with 8 survivors for the 72nd commemoration of the attacks. They told me stories of what it used to be like in this country. When soldiers were respected, when people helped one another out of the goodness of their hearts for God and country. When people didnt worry about payment for services, they just wanted to make sure it got done and done right...the first time. I sat in awe of these men not just for what they did for our country as young men (teenagers really) but for what they stand for and what they believe in. They continually told me throughout the trip that the current iteration of our country is far from what they fought for 72 years ago. They despise Washington, politicians and especially our president.

This is the second year in a row Ive done this trip (Through the "Greatest Generations Foundation") and each time Ive come back was a tremendous sense of pride and excitement, not just about our military and our vets but about our country. Then reality snaps me back and I see stories like the new budget deal that cuts veteran benefits, things like Phil Robertson giving his personal opinion then being lambasted by the media and strong armed by certain groups. It makes me wonder, what are we doing? How have we come so far from those brave young men 72 years ago to now?

I know there are Patriots all over this country and especially on this forum, but I cant help but think the rest of the country has no idea. They choose to ignore what made this country great in the first place. They choose to ignore the sacrifice of our soldiers who literally put their lives on the line and those that pay the ultimate sacrifice in blood. The same people who are now ruining the country our veterans fought and died for are the same people who spit on our returning soldiers from Vietnam and they are trying to do what the Viet Cong, Germans, Japanese, Koreans and Taliban couldnt do. It upsets and saddens me that we dont give more reverence.

I know my country will not die, I know there are good people left who will continue to fight the good fight but I cant help but think: Have we lost our Patriotism?
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    I feel you're pain brother you're not alone and there are many people like myself that feel the same way you do. We must all stick together I will fight to the death. I left CO because of that bullshit, Montana is like a paradise for people who think like we do.