Police officer in Virginia killed in line of duty

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You're probably being rhetorical....but.....

The ends justify the means.

The government stands down while officers are killed, then the government tells the sheeple that the government needs to take away some liberties in order to provide better security, then the government repeats the cycle resulting in an erosion of individual liberty.

What did the federal government do in Ferguson? The government didn't investigate the perps, they investigated the police.

What did the federal government do in Balitimore? In this case the local government encouraged the mayhem while the feds investigated the police.

What did obama do during the "beer summit", during Ferguson, during Baltimore, obama blamed the police. Don't think that people don't see this and decide they don't have to follow the rules and that it is OK to shoot at the police. Classic communist tactics, terrorize the subjects into giving up their freedom in the name of security.
I think some of it is just that we as a community are self reporting ALL occurrences, so it feels higher than normal. I thought someone recently posted up stats showing the trend is going up though. I feel like another component, in addition to what had already been mentioned, is similar to what we see with "mass shootings." Meaning that since it's retorted in the media more frequently, that it's becoming the "thing to do" for career criminals. Very unfortunate.
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