I wanted to get the word out that gun stores in the Denver Metro area are getting robbed at night. I'm not going to go into details about what I know, but no Bowers didn't get robbed. I will say the threat is real. I know many of you are in the gun world in one aspect or another, and more than a handful are in the retail side of the business. I'm trying to get the word out to as many as I can, PAY ATTENTION! There are two things you need to do if you are in retail, and you need to do them now. Review your security aspects, and harden the target.

Review your security for your store right now. Make sure your CCTV system works and is recording. Get fixed what isn't now. Make sure your alarm works. Whens the last time you tested it? When's the last time you changed the code? Are all of your sensors operational? Get them ready. Are your windows mylar coated or security grated? Are your entry points easy to circumvent? I know you can't turn the store into a bunker, but doing basic maintenance to ensure you are making exposure time high to get into the shop and minimal time if if robbed is crucial to mitigate the burglary after hours. Along with this, lock your stuff up. They want small easy high dollar items. Pistols, SBRs, Suppressors... LOCK THEM UP! Where are your bound-books stored at night? In a safe or in a filing cabinet? Let quizzative people know you lock them up at night, but don't tell them how or where. If they do ask questions like this, get their description or even a picture. Don't leave serialized stock out on shelves and counters for instant access during the day. Invest in hardened secure storage display cases. They are about the equivalent cost of 4 rifle suppressors or 8 pistols. They are worth every penny. Get rid of shit door and pad locks and replace them with decent security locks with safety pins. Add internal only deadbolts to doors that don't need access during or after shop hours. Seriously, these are cheap and I see them missing at shops all the time. Ramp that exposure time up.

Think about and plan how you open and close your store. How many people do it? How easy would it be to rob the store at one of these two most vulnerable times? Are you looking for surveillance outside the store when you open and close? Are you looking for surveillance among your customers? Are you taking the info of the surveillance when/if you see something odd? I suspect the majority of the gun stores in the area have been cased at this point at least once recently. You have to assume your shop has been and will be again. How is your relationship with the local cops? Are you reporting suspicious info to them?

I know this is a bit of a jumble, but shit is getting real and I wanted to get people thinking instead of uninformed.