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I took a tour a couple weeks ago.

Old but clean. Two sides with ten lanes each. At the end is a water trough below 45 degree steel plates. Bullets hit the plates and are directed into the water.

No steel jacketed ammo or AP rounds. Three lanes for magnum.

No shotguns, which kinda sucks. It would be nice to pattern turkey loads and chokes.

The place is very bright. Good ventilation. A chronograph on one lane.

The rifle tube is an 8 foot diameter culvert, 100 yards long. Three shooting positions, two for right handers and one for left. Chronos for each side and spotting scopes.

You have to have a separate two hour orientation and qualification to use it.

400 members. I toured it on a weekday afternoon and there were two other guys there. Everyone mentioned it must be a busy day.

I really like no range fees.

I liked it enough to put in my application and was voted in as a new member.
the tube orientation still feels like 4 hours