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    Default Spyderco Native 5 going back for warranty

    I?ve got a few Spyderco knives, my favorite model is the Native 5. I?ve got two of them currently, and started carrying the second one a few weeks ago.

    I noticed today the base of the handle separating. It?ll open up pretty wide. I?m assuming the bottom screw stripped during assembly. The knife has seen a few packages, but hasn?t been used much. It?s packed up and ready to send in for warranty repair, but I?m a little irritated about it. It?ll work out, but dang it.
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    Too bad you are not closer to Golden.
    You can walk in with the knife and they probably would swap it for a new one, if they have one.
    Their customer service is very impressive.
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    I lost mine today.

    It's the second one I have owned.

    I have carried a lot of knives in my life and love the Native.

    As a lefty, the world is against me so it is nice to find a product that works.

    However, the pocket clip can get caught on a coat's drawstrings and flip it out of my pocket. I have caught it a couple of time but this is the second one that was in my pocket and then it wasn't.

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