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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1970 View Post
    That test of the mounts was pretty impressive. Even the worst one was within less than a quarter MOA. Theoretically, it would mean you would be off less than one inch with your point of impact at 400 yards. I guess if you were shooting a target the size of a golf ball at that distance it might make or break the shot but putting a round into center of mass and being off an inch at that distance is pretty inconsequential.
    Exactly. One has to ask them self. What are my expectations of the tools i'm using? IMO, unless you're sitting on a perch, waiting for the GO signal, to remove a threat. The minor shift, if at all , is minimal at it's worst. My scopes have zero POI shift when removed, if needed. But if one were to vary, like an older optic i have. 2 rounds tops to get back to zero. 1 to get there, the other to confirm.
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    So that may be what I am missing. Don't most of my scopes just mount on the rails? Or are they on mounts, which stay attached to the rails?

    Do the people in movies still have the mounts attached to their rifles, or their rails?

    What if you miss a peg on your rails, when you reattach it, etc.


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    In the movies...

    If you're unarmed, you are a victim.
    If you're unarmed, you are a victim


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