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    Default S&W Shield Plus thoughts?

    Generally speaking I?m a Glock guy but I?m curious about the Shield plus.

    Anyone with real world experience want to share their thoughts?


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    I really like mine. I upgraded from a first gen shield so I knew it was a good fit for my XL/2XL hands so I can shoot it confidently. I didn’t feel the need to do anything to the trigger. The capacity for the size is pretty great. The 13 round mags only fit 12 reliably and I hear the 15’s can be hit or miss so be aware of that. In my mind 12+1 is a pretty comforting capacity. I did make two mods. Night sights are a must for me. I also sanded down what I felt was a very uncomfortable and overly aggressive texture on the grips and magazine sleeve. As a bonus it’s the same size as the previous model so holsters are very easy to find.

    If it feels good in your hand I think it’s a pretty easy gun to recommend.
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    I have a newer one with the factory optic cut and night sights. It’s been 100% reliable and accurate. What sold me is the ever so slightly wider grip over the standard Shield, makes just enough difference in a better fit. I haven’t had issues loading to 13 in the spare mags.

    I use a BladeTech Nano holster, has all rounded contour so it doesn’t dig in and it disappears under a t-shirt. Outstanding warm weather carry. The only change I made was adding the Talon Grip rubberized grip wrap. Plus I got it on sale and when Smith was offering a rebate card.

    I can’t speak highly enough-and this from a guy that is a devoted 1911 fan lol.

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    One thing I love about the Shield Plus optics ready is the low cut they did that allows standard height iron sights to work with most Rmsc optics as 1/3 lower cowitness.

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    I picked one up off Armlist for $300 from a private owner. It was new in the box, optic cut, with night sights, so I figured I couldn't go wrong for the price. I primarily carry a G19.5 and 43x, and mostly only shoot glocks at the range. For the price, it's a lot of value. I shot it extremely well right out of the box, which actually surprised me. Even thought it felt different, not in a bad way, my accuracy did not suffer.

    I don't absolutely love the trigger and the safety dingus sometimes gives me issues. It could be my grip and finger placement, but I've noticed that I don't engage it right perfectly, it hangs up a bit. Not to the point that it won't fire, but I can feel the safety 'pop' into place if that makes sense.
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